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Upload CGI

Each WorldLinks customer is provided a customized instruction guide with information on how to edit and upload your files to your website.  This guide also includes general information such as where to place CGI scripts and other common questions. 

We have included answers to some of the common questions from this guide below.

If you would like to request a new copy of this guide to be emailed to you, or if you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at worldlinks@iglou.com .


If you are NOT using Microsoft FrontPage:

Files must be uploaded using the FTP protocol, using any compatible FTP software application. To upload files to your website, configure your FTP software with the following:

Remote Site: ftp.iglou.com
Anonymous? No
Username: Your IgLou website username
Password: Your password for your IgLou website username
Remote Directory: /worldlinks/worldlinks-id

Alternatively, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or higher, you can enter the following address:


Various FTP clients can be found by visiting the software website of http://www.download.com and searching for "ftp".

Be sure that your html files are uploaded in ASCII format and that any image files are uploaded in BINARY format.

If you ARE using Microsoft FrontPage:

To use Microsoft FrontPage™ to create and publish your website, you will need to request that your account be enabled with "FrontPage Extensions". Keep in mind that Microsoft FrontPage is not free software and would need to be purchased separately at any software store. IgLou supports both FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000.

If you have already created your new website with FrontPage, go ahead and open it normally. Then, choose "File/Publish Web". FrontPage will prompt you for the location to publish to. Enter the location shown below, along with the username and password:

Location: http://editweb.iglou.com/worldlinks-id
Username: Your WorldLinks-id
Password: Your WorldLinks password

This should immediately publish your website onto our servers. If you wish to edit your website at any time in the future, you can click on "File/Open Web" and enter the above information.



To use the Common Gateway Interface ,or CGI, place your CGI program in the cgi-bin directory that is in your WorldLinks area. Any program placed there will be recognized as a CGI program automatically, provided it has execute permissions enabled.

You can typically turn on execute permissions with your FTP software by specifying execute for "owner", "group" and "other".  Alternatively, you can use a permission "mode" of 755.

There may be an occasion where one will want to use a CGI program, but not keep it in the cgi-bin directory. To get the IgLou web server to recognize this file as a cgi script, just add the extension .cgi to the filename. For example, a script called counter.pl should be renamed to counter.cgi This will let the IgLou web server know that the CGI program is not just a text file, and should be handled appropriately.

IgLou's UNIX web servers fully support Server-Side-Includes (SSI) without the need for complicated configuration files. To create files using SSI statements (i.e. include, exec), simply rename your html files to use a ".shtml" suffix instead of ".html". This also works with "index" files as well, so using "index.shtml" would provide SSI functionality in your default webpage.

Be sure to upload your scripts in ASCII transfer mode and not BINARY mode.  Perl can be found in "/bin/perl" and Sendmail is available at "/usr/lib/sendmail".

While IgLou cannot provide technical support for writing CGI scripts, we are certainly willing to help answer any basic questions you may have.  Feel free to write us at worldlinks@iglou.com .

If you would like to utilize CGI scripts with a FrontPage account, please drop us a note at worldlinks@iglou.com and request that capability turned on.


The default HTML file to use on the IgLou web server is index.html Basically the IgLou web server looks for this file, if a specific HTML file is not specified. For instance, if one puts in the URL of http://www.yourdomain.com, the file called index.html will be loaded with out having to specify the index.html file.

The index.html can also be replaced by a CGI script as well. Just change the name of the CGI program from its original name, to index.cgi and that program will be run instead of a normal HTML document. Make sure that the proper UNIX permissions are enabled on the file as well.

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