Creating an IgLou
Personal Web Page

IgLou's Personal Web Pages are your fast and easy way to publish your own personal web site on the Internet! IgLou provides every member of IgLou their own private personal web page workspace, within which you can create your own personal "zone" on the Internet.

If you are interested in easily and automatically creating your own personal webpage on the Internet without having to learn HTML and manually writing your pages, you can automatically create your own informational web page through IgLou's Profile Pages!

IgLou's Personal Web Pages are for non-commercial use only, and provide full access to both text and graphical web pages. IgLou's personal Web Pages do not however support more advanced features such as CGI scripting, extended storage space, log statistics, forms and other features. For access to these more advanced features, IgLou offers it's WorldLinks Service.

Be sure to check out the home page of IgLou Internet Services.

Step One
Read the Terms and Conditions! IgLou Personal Web Pages are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose or in support of any commercial activity. Commercial activity is define as that which facilitates the sale of a product or service.

Before continuing, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. Use of your IgLou Personal Web Page signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Step Two
Write your HTML Web Pages! Writing your Web Pages is getting easier everday with the introduction of more and more software products that allow you to write documents in HTML. HTML is the language used to write Web Pages, and many new programs permit you to write HTML without ever having to learn the language. Check your favorite bookstore or computer store for a wide selection of HTML books, programs and editors. Alternatively, you may consult the following on-line references to HTML and HTML editors:

HTML References
  • A Beginners Guide to HTML
  • Introduction to HTML
  • A Quick Guide to HTML
  • Bare Bones Guide to HTML
  • Beginner's Guides @ TAOH
  • Windows Software
    Mac Software
  • HoTMetaL
  • HotDog
  • HTML Assistant
  • More HTML Editors
  • HoTMetaL
  • Web Weaver
  • Arachnid
  • More HTML Editors
  • Step Three
    Upload your Web Pages to IgLou! After completion of your web pages, the third step is to upload your pages and graphics files to IgLou's system. This is commonly performed with a utility called FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol. Popular versions of FTP exist for both Windows95 or 3.1 or for Macintosh.

    Once you have dialed into IgLou with your PPP account, simply start up your FTP program. Connect to the host and specify your normal IgLou username and password. Be sure to turn the anonymous connection feature off.

    Once connected with FTP, change into your "homepages" subdirectory in your IgLou Personal Workspace and copy your HTML and graphics files into this directory. For additional help with this process, you can contact IgLou Technical Support at (800) 436-4456.

    Your default page, or your main page, should be stored in a file name called "index.html". This will be the main page that is loaded when others access your web site by the above address. You may, however, reference other files stored in your "homepages" sub-directory from within your "index.html" file. If your file is not called "index.html", you will need to rename it to this. This can be done through your FTP client program.

    Step Four
    Test your Web Pages! After your pages have been uploaded, you can try out your new Personal Web Site by using Netscape to view the URL:

    Be sure to replace "username" with your normal IgLou username.
    For more information on this process, or for technical support, you can send electronic mail to or you may call (800) 436-4456.

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    drop us a note at, or call +1 800 436-4456.

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