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The standard and optional services that come with WorldLinks. A summary of what is included and the rates for the service.

WorldLinks is IgLou's signature web hosting service for sites that need a high level of performance, redundancy and reliability. It allows members to publish entire web sites on the Internet in a controlled, reliable and feature-rich service package, at a very reasonable rate.

Before choosing any web hosting service, be sure to ask the following questions:

Does your web service provide enough value-added features to help emphasize your online presence?
    IgLou provides many value added features, such as high levels of redundancy, Secure Server Technology (SSL), customized traffic analysis reports, 24 hour accessibility, etc.  This is bundled with some of the most aggressive pricing in the industry for server-class hosting.
Is my
site protected with Resonate™ load sharing and redundancy solutions?

Be sure to host your website with a company that  implements load balancing and redundancy software from Resonate Inc., the industry standard for high-availability traffic management.  Resonate helps power the Internet's largest sites, including EBay, Yahoo and E-Trade.

Many ISPs will cut costs and host on a single server without any regard to load balancing or redundancy.  IgLou fully incorporates the Resonate load sharing system throughout our network across multiple server farms, ensuring that your website can handle high levels of traffic and will always be available to your viewers.

Does your web service run on high performance Sun Microsystems Sparc Servers with multiple processors?
    Sun Microsystems Sparc Servers are high powered multi-processor computers that are extremely fast and reliable. The majority of the most powerful web sites use these types of systems. Don't settle for anything less.
Does your web server have multiple connections tied directly to the backbone?
    The Internet "backbone" is much like the human backbone. It is a direct line to the Information Superhighway. The less jumps to this backbone, the faster the service. Multiple connections provide redundancy. If there is a malfunction with one connection, there are others to fall back on.  IgLou's network is peered in multiple locations with full redundant T3 service - a feature most low-budget hosting sites do not offer.

Is my data protected by Network Appliance storage systems?

    Network Appliance manufactures the fastest and highest reliability disk storage systems in the world.  Sites such as EBay and Yahoo exclusively use Network Appliance storage systems for good reason - they are the best money can buy.

    All of IgLou's customer data is stored on Network Appliance hardware and is religiously backed up to tape storage every night.  Have you ever asked any other web hosters what their backup policies are?

    Don't settle for a web hoster that doesn't use equipment from Network Appliance or doesn't make religious backups.  Anything less and you're risking your site to a configuration that is highly subject to failure.

Do you provide staff that is specifically designated to assist developers solve their unique problems?
    Web site developers have special needs, and sometimes need special technical support. An understanding of these special needs, and resolving those special problems is a key factor in maintaining your web site.  IgLou maintains an entire staff of "tier2" technical engineers who not only help assist our Website developers, but also are key engineers in installing and maintaining IgLou's network services.
Have you been providing Internet services for over 10 years?
    When a service provider has been in business this long, you know they are no, fly-by-night operation. You know that your web site will be handled with a degree of professionalism unmatched by a provider with less experience.

If your current web hosting service, or any prospective service, answers no to any of these questions, then you should seriously consider IgLou WorldLinks. The high level of service that is associated with WorldLinks is what sets it apart from just a common web hosting service.

IgLou employs a full time staff with years of experience in providing Internet services. Unlike many new Internet providers, IgLou has been providing Internet services of some fashion since 1987. This ensures the dependable and worry-free operation of your WorldLinks service.

Our WorldLinks service has gained national attention for providing one of the most reliable network services available. It is our business to ensure that your service is accessible 24 hours a day with a minimum of downtime.

When dealing with establishing an Internet presence for your company or organization, it is important to know that your provider will be around in the future. As an established leader in providing Internet services, IgLou will continue to offer the same high level of services for years to come.
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